Top 10 biotech podcasts to follow in 2022

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This article was originally published in August 2020 and has since been updated to include podcasts that are currently actively running.

Here is a list of 10 biotech podcasts to keep you up to date with the latest advances in the biotechnology industry.

Podcasts are a great way of learning and entertainment while you are commuting, cleaning, going for a walk, doing the laundry, or just sitting down to relax. Keeping up with the rapid advances of the biotech industry can be a daunting challenge, but podcasts can offer yet another way to stay up to date with this constantly changing industry. 

This list covers a selection of podcast formats to cater to all tastes, ranging from discussing recent news to a more in-depth analysis of specific technologies or investment trends. 

Beyond Biotech

Labiotech’s very own podcast is a weekly look at what’s happening in the world of biotech. Each episode of Beyond Biotech invites industry insiders to discuss recent news from investments and collaborations to updates on clinical studies and new technologies. Keep an ear out for themed episodes, such as the one for World Hepatitis Day, where experts in the field are invited to raise awareness for global issues.   

The Long Run

the long run biotech podcast

The Long Run is hosted by U.S. biotech journalist Luke Timmerman, who invites biotech insiders to talk about the tough journey of turning scientific research into something meaningful — its title inspired by Ernest Shackleston’s Antarctic explorations. The episodes often go beyond the science and business of the companies featured, and discuss topics such as CEO activism or racism and gender inequality within the biotech industry.


The Biotech2050 podcast is part of the Biotech2050 think tank that is chronicling the disruptive forces influencing the life sciences industry over the next 50 years. Hosted by Alok Tayi, founder of the decentralized autonomous organization Vibe Bio, and co-hosted by Rahul Chatuverdi, founder of the intelligent life sciences matching platform Clora, the podcast invites leaders in the biopharma community to discuss how disruptive technologies, business models and platforms are changing the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Breaking Biotech

BreakingBiotech podcast

Biotech is notably a very challenging sector to invest in. The rewards can be very high, but so is the risk. In the podcast Breaking Biotech, trader Matthew Lepoire shares the latest news affecting major biotech stocks and his personal insights on the strategies these companies are following to maximize returns when investing in biotech.

Science Friction

Science friction biotech podcast

Science Friction showcases the stories behind scientific discoveries. The episodes range from discussing the creation of the first lab-grown burger to why female animals — and people — are often excluded from scientific studies, or feature the story of a survivor of a clinical trial that went very wrong.


The Bio Report

the bio report biotech podcast

The Bio Report is produced by Daniel Levine, a U.S.-based business journalist. This weekly podcast provides an insight into topics at the intersection of biotech, business and policy. While some episodes take deep dives into specific topics, others provide a general overview, highlighting specific companies and areas to watch.

Cell Culture Dish

Cell Culture Dish biotech podcast

In each of its episodes, the Cell Culture Dish podcast invites a professional in the biotech industry to talk about the most recent advances in the world of cell culture. The podcast, hosted by California-based editor Brandy Sargent, touches on the many challenges the industry faces, from the early research stages to market-approved products, and how the experts are tackling them.

Talking Biotech

Talking Biotech podcast

The weekly episodes of the podcast Talking Biotech feature interviews with scientists across a wide range of fields within biotechnology, from plant biology to human medicine, as well as experts on science communication. The podcast’s creator and host is Kevin Folta, science communicator and professor at the University of Florida, who also co-hosts the podcast Science Facts and Fallacies run by the Genetic Literacy Project.

A View On

A view on Lonza

Produced by life sciences manufacturing specialist Lonza, A View On is a podcast featuring conversations with industry leaders in the pharma, biotech, and nutrition sectors. Each episode is under 10 minutes long and provides a deep dive into emerging technologies that could have a big impact in the future of the biotech industry.

The Readout LOUD

The Readout LOUD biotech podcast

The Readout LOUD, produced by U.S. publication STAT News, is a weekly podcast series where journalists discuss the most recent news and current topics in the biotech industry. In some episodes, the hosts are joined by industry professionals that weigh in on the discussion. (Note that although some of the episodes of this podcast are publicly available, most require a subscription.)