About us

Labiotech.eu is the leading online media for the biotech industry in Europe. Our team of experienced journalists produces daily analyses and insights so you can stay up to date and well informed. 

Where do we come from?

Labiotech.eu was founded in 2014 by two biotech engineers in response to the lack of digital media covering the European biotechnology industry.

Over the years, the website grew to become the most visited biotech website in Europe and a trusted source of information for many professionals.

Our mission and values

The mission of Labiotech.eu is to provide the biotech community with current and relevant information about the life sciences industry.

We believe that access to information is vital in a technology-driven environment like biotech. Through our work, we hope that professionals in the industry will collaborate more effectively and gain valuable knowledge so they can develop better products that benefit our society. 

Ultimately, our works help to create a biotech ecosystem where everyone can share, discuss, and learn about what’s going on in the field.

How we work

Our company strives to create a healthy work environment. Here are the core principles our team believes in:

  • Passion: we do what we do because we believe in it. Our team is mostly composed of people with science backgrounds who believe in the benefits of biotechnologies for our future.
  • Transparency: we believe that transparency is the key to trust and credibility. We’ve always been open about our plans, metrics, and other aspects of the company. This transparency creates a bond between our team and our readers which, in turn, motivates us to create even more content.
  • Growth: we strive to help young talents grow and see them develop their skills over the year. As a proof, several members of our team started as interns years ago and are now in key positions. Personal growth and continual learning are key to our success.
  • Fun: work shouldn’t be boring! We’re a down-to-earth team that knows when it’s time to take a break and have fun. We also support the work-life balance of our team with flexible work schedules and several benefits for their health and quality of life. 

Our editorial policy

Labiotech.eu is updated daily with fresh content. Our team of journalists continuously follows the news and trends of the industry, choosing the most relevant topics to produce valuable content for our readers.

Our content is centered around three principles:

  • Accessible: we write for a broad audience with a variety of professional backgrounds. For this reason, our articles are accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of biology. 
  • Engaging: we use images, tables and other interactive materials to make our website a delightful experience. We truly believe that B2B magazines can stay relevant without being dry. We hope you enjoy our style, it’s quite recognizable 😉 
  • Accurate: we started an online media to break with the old model of print magazines. We can deliver information to our readers in real-time, when it matters, and wherever they are. We also regularly update previous articles so they reflect more recent developments. We are always open to fact-based feedback from our readers in order to keep our information up-to-date and correct. 

Our content is sourced from press releases, direct interviews, reports, and industrial databases. We also receive tips from readers and always respect their anonymity when requested. 

Labiotech.eu also publishes occasional contributions from thought leaders. Opinion pieces are labeled as such and don’t reflect the opinion of our editorial team. 

Labiotech.eu is a renowned publication in the biotech industry. We’re regularly solicited to moderate leading life sciences conferences such as the BIO-Europe events. Our team has also been nominated several times as “Commentator of the Year” at the European Mediscience Awards.

Who reads us?

Labiotech.eu reaches a wide audience of life science professionals. Our readers range from biotech CEOs to biology students. Even though we focus on Europe, readers from all over the world follow us on a regular basis. 

For more details on our demographics and how to reach them, please visit our advertise page.

Our business model

Labiotech.eu is supported by two main revenue streams: advertising and membership subscriptions. 

Transparency and user experience are two key priorities for us in the way we showcase advertising from our clients. Our advertising products are designed to be non-intrusive and integrated with the rest of the website. Sponsored content is always labeled and we use very few advertising banners on our website to keep your experience focused on reading and discovering new articles. We also respect our readers’ privacy and don’t target advertising to user behavior. 

Readers can also support us through our membership program. In addition to supporting the development of our company, our paying members benefit from unlimited access to exclusive articles and reports. For more information visit our membership page. 

Meet our team

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Joachim Eeckhout

Founder & General Manager

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Jim Cornall

Jim Cornall


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Yi-Jen Chang

Project Manager

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Lara Warneck-Silvestrin

Reports Editor

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Willow Shah Neville

Willow Shah-Neville

Junior Reporter

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Roohi Peter

Junior Reporter

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Alban Whandja

Sales Manager
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Aurore Michelin

Growth Marketing Manager
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Ciaran Gaffey

Web Developer

For more information on our company and its development, read our ‘Inside Labiotech‘ posts.