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What are the advantages of purple sand tea sets
Release Time:2022-12-26
1, the taste preservation function is good, the tea does not lose the original taste, and there is no peculiar smell of the tea set itself.

2, cold and hot rapid performance is good, winter injection of boiling water will not explode, sand heat transfer is slow, long grip will not be hot.

3, has a unique breathable function, brewing tea is not easy to change the taste.

4, brewed tea flavor is strong.

5, purple sand pot practical and generous, gift high-end atmosphere on the grade.

6, easy to wash, as long as boiled water soaked two or three times, you can remove the odor.

7, this material of the tea set can absorb tea juice, after a period of use will accumulate tea rust, even if in the empty pot into the boiling water will have a tea aroma.
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