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What kind of tea does oolong tea belong to?
Release Time:2023-01-26
First, what kind of tea does oolong tea belong to?

According to the degree of fermentation, since the fermentation degree of oolong tea is between black tea and green tea, oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea. From the perspective of the principle of dividing the six major tea categories and the classification principle, oolong tea (green tea) belongs to the same six major tea categories as green tea, black tea, black tea, white tea and yellow tea.

2. What is oolong tea?

Oolong tea, does not refer specifically to a tea, it is a type of tea, the scientific name of green tea, also known as semi-fermented tea. The basic process of its initial production mainly includes "fresh leaves - withering - making green - frying green - kneading - baking - mao tea" and other processes.

From the perspective of the quality characteristics of oolong tea, its appearance is thick and firm, the color is green and brown, the natural flowers and fruits are fragrant, the taste is mellow and sweet, it is resistant to brewing, and the leaf bottom is green and red trim. The formation of its quality characteristics is inseparable from its selection of special tea varieties and special picking standards and primary production processes.

The formation of the quality characteristics of oolong tea is the result of the organic combination of fresh leaves and exquisite processing technology, and each process is interconnected. Fresh leaves are the material basis for the formation of the quality of oolong tea, and withering is the premise for the formation of oolong tea color, aroma and taste; Green is the basis for the formation of strong, mellow, fresh and fragrant substances, and is a key process unique to oolong tea. Stir-frying, kneading and drying are the guarantee of concentration, alcohol, aroma and fresh substances, and the accumulation of transformation.
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