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Exquisite tea sets decorate the space
Release Time:2023-02-16
For many people, tea and coffee are not just simple thirst quenching drinks, it is a beautiful connection in life. For people who pay attention to the taste of living in the living room, the collection of coffee cups and various tea sets is also another way to decorate the space. In general, cups can be used in different styles for different purposes. For example, the special coffee cup in Italy is relatively small and the mouth of the cup is narrower, so as to retain the strong coffee taste. The rim of the black tea cup is wider, so that the tea leaves have room to stretch, and at the same time, you can enjoy the beauty of the tea stretching. The general coffee cup capacity is about 200-230 ml, while the coffee and milk cups used by European and American families for breakfast are shaped like mugs and have a larger capacity. The inner wall of the coffee cup is best to choose a simple light color system, so that the cup can reflect the color of the coffee. The material of the cup can be divided into pottery and porcelain, the two thermal insulation effect is similar, the bone china cup on the market contains the ashes of animals, the thermal insulation effect is excellent, but the general family rarely uses. Decorate the room with cupboards, not only can the cups be placed on the dining table, tea table, placed in a set of transparent cabinets, or several sets of different cups are used in combination, using different colors and texture contrasts, and then with fresh fruits, delicate flowers, gorgeous tablecloths, so that you have a good mood of tea tasting and coffee drinking.
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